Understanding Your Application

We work with local, national and international clients including architectural firms, OEMs, value added resellers, IT and infrastructure equipment professionals, healthcare facilities, government organizations, and designers. Major tech companies use our arms at their engineers’ desks and in videoconferencing rooms. Custom products were developed for specialized light industrial applications. Our point of sales solutions are deployed throughout major fitness clubs, hospitality and retail chains. Our designs are in courthouses, schools, and government offices.

An Extension of Your Team

Our expert sales support and service team prides itself on understanding applied ergonomics and the products that really produce positive, measurable change. We ask pertinent questions, understand the end-application, and strive to recommend the most effective solution that fully meets each particular need. In most cases, solutions can be found within our flexible, highly modular product base. However, If the standard set of products does not quite fulfill all requirements, we investigate custom solutions, with the understanding that in solving one person’s problem, we will often address the needs of many others.

International Business

While we are primarily a US-based company, we are privileged to serve customers in most corners of the world. We are proud of the relationships that we have been able to establish and gratified to see existing customers come back to us whenever a new need arises.